Double attack from Lviv!
23.02.2010 22:11

Double attack from Lviv!

Since in my previous report I described history and start of the tournament, here I will tell what happened next and also summon up.


                       All together (Kryvoruchko, Chulivska, Barishpolets, Kravtsiv, Vovk Yuri, Zherebukh, Grekh, Vovk Andrei)


   In 3rd round character encounter between last year winner Yuri Vovk  and Yaroslav Zherebukh took place. Both had 2 points by that time and of course lot of optimistic hopes...

Vovk,Yuri (2546) - Zherebukh,Yaroslav (2531)

26th Open Cappelle la Grande FRA (3), 15.02.2010

18.Qg4! Absolutely right decision. Yuri Vovk never suffered from indecision! King attack is definitely proved here.  18...Nf4 19.Nf5 Ng6

White position is clearly better. But the distance from better to winning Yuri Vovk passes in one move.


 20.Re3! Mighty decision, after which attack becomes irresistible. 20...Re8 

Accepting sacrifice wasn’t better, but at least more entertaining! 20...Bg5!? 21.Rh3 Bxc1 (cannot stick together position also 21...h6  because of cold-blooded 22.Rh5! and black is lost) 22.Qh5 h6 23.Qxg6 Qf6!? (nice final occurs after 23...Qg5 24.Rxh6! Qxg6 25.Ne7# Classical mate.)



And here it’s important not to be fainthearted  24.Rxh6!! (24.Qxf6? gxf6 25.Nxh6+ Bxh6 26.Rxh6 Bxe4! Like he was not born yesterday! And suddenly last rank weakness becomes felt.)  24...Bxh6 25.Nxh6+ Kh8 26.Nxf7+ Kg8 27.Ng5+ Kh8 28.Qh7#] 21.Rh3 d5 22.Qh5 Nf8

23.Nxg7! getting to the defender of h7 square whatever it costs. 23...Kxg7 24.Bh6+ Kg8 25.Bxf8 [25.Bxf8 Bg5 26.Be7! shutting up king’s cage.]  1–0

   Having seen this game, one can assume that Yuri Vovk being in his best shape, continued mounting up, when Yaroslav had to meet the mass below the scene. But sport is no soap opera with predicted final, where all beloved got married and bad guys are punished. Things happened to follow another scenario. Yuri won against low rated player and after fall down under tanks. Two “Black” games against Gurevich and Drozdovskij were too tough challenge for him. Being winner of previous year tournament, having 4 out of 4 and being single leader – is  unbearable psychological press for highly emotional Yuri. As a result – 3 losses and 2 consoling tries in last rounds.

   I must praise Yaroslav, that he didn’t get upset and managed to overcome the situation. Blissful win against 2600+ Anton Kovalyov will appear later on the site. Yaroslav promised to translate it after his comeback from the next his tournament in Toulouse.  But the key game, on my opinion, was his win over Murtas Kazhgaleyev. At this moment it became obvious that someone above of us decided already concerning the winner of the tournament.

Kazhgaleyev,Murtas (2643) - Zherebukh,Yaroslav (2531)

26th Open Cappelle la Grande FRA (7), 18.02.2010

Long-suffering variation for Kramnik was played. I offer readers to solve a puzzle of finding best move for white. Cool



Game followed 22.Rd3? and wheel of fortune drove in Lviv direction 22...Bxh4! 23.Nxh4 Rxb5! 24.axb5 Ne5 25.f3 Nxd3 26.Qxd3 Rg5!! 27.Qxh7 d3

28.Rd1 28.Qh8+ Ke7 29.Qc3 Rc5!!–+ 28...Qd4+! 28...d2? 29.Qh8+ Ke7 30.Qc3 Rc5 31.Qxd2! Rd5 32.Nf5+!! exf5 33.Qe1+ 29.Kh1 d2 White pieces are out of play.

After this victory Yaroslav had a confident finish. He grasped the leadership after the win over legendary Mikhail Gurevich.

            Let me tell the short story of past. Not many people know about Lviv period of life of Ukrainian (Belgian, Turkish - choose as you like) grandmaster. Many years ago Mikhail entered Lviv Institute of Physical Culture. And already on his first year of study he came across legendary anatomy teacher, author of many classical books in it and very demanding lector Mamed Ashumovich Jafarov.  Passing anatomy exam on his course in our institute was more difficult than what passed medical sciences students. Additionally sportsman had to play in tournaments, visit training camps, etc. As a result anatomy exam was last one for Mikhail Gurevich in Lviv institute. But this probably turned good for him. Having trained local masters in blitz games, whom he normally beat although being only candidate of master at that time, Mikhail came back to his native city Kharkov were he could concentrate only on chess.

      On the last round Zherebukh made draw, playing Black men against his coeval  Negi, fixing thus first place for himself.  The main conclusion from his victory Yaroslav has to make himself. The world of chess elite is achievable, if one loves chess, works hard and believes in himself!

                           Yaroslav during the final game, next to him Bulgarian grandmaster Radulski who took 3rd prize.


      Yuriy Kryvoruchko and Martyn Kravtsiv tied second place. Yuriy, who took 2nd prize, was as usually stable, having lost no game. It’s hard to find better player for the first board in team competitions. His normal score is from +3 to +5. Solid and persevere he never had any serious failures in his chess career. If only his opening repertoire becomes more optimistic and various, one would have no need to calculate his coefficient.

                                                              Young yet but already eagles! (Grabinsky, Zherebukh, Kryvoruchko)


     Martyn Kravtsiv has obviously played too much in recent period, but he managed to do his best and on the last round won against Ivan Sokolov.

     Andrei Vovk played almost whole tournament on the scene, and lost only one game to Gajewski. In any case he improved his rating and earned some money. But if only our Lviv Fischer (who also made long pauses in his career) played more frequently and work more thoroughly he would be real monster.


Andrei Vovk on this tournament was ahead of his elder brother Yuri.


     The performance of another lazy student - Andrei Grekh left very good impressions. By his potential he should have become grandmaster already. It’s only important to wish it very much and make necessary efforts! His confident wins against Grandelius, Sharapov and draw with Shneider only confirm his high potential.

    Tournament performance of Mikhailo Oleksienko split into 2 parts: 4 out of 5 first and only 1 in 4 last games. There is reason to think.

    Chulivska traditionally won the beauty prize. Performance prize not come this time, but taking into account her eagerness to make progress- it will not fail to come in future.

    For Keith MacKinnon tournament gave precious experience which will help him for further achievements. Also many thanks to his father for nice photos from tournament!


    As a trainer I am pleased that we not allow Cappelle Cup to come into other hands. Let it stay one more year in Lviv. The guys once  already made the title of Ukrainian Champion under 20 a challenge prize in frames of our group. Yuri Kryvoruchko won it in 2006, Yuri Vovk – in 2007 and Martyn Kravtsiv in 2008. The secret of it lies in one word only - competition. So right now we are having 2 successive Cups of Cappelle, but we'll be back...

                                                                          The moment of triumph.

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