Vladimir Grabinsky
Vladimir Grabinsky
Interview with Anna Muzychuk
28.07.2010 02:43


Which childish loss do you remember most of all?

The most pitiful loss happened in 2002 in the last round game of world championship u 12. I was playing Black against Anna Balkova. Before this game I was ahead of my nearest follower Tan from China by half point. Initially things went good. I managed to over calculate Anna and win a piece, but after my opponent got a strong counterplay and I even lost.. So we shared 1-2 place with Chinese player, but I was second by additional coefficient. This lost cost me the title of world champion u12.




Your sister Mariya is also a famous player. What is similar and different traits of you?

I am really happy that my sister achieved big results in chess. At the moment she has 5th rating in Ukraine and 39th in the world among women. We train together, play in tournaments and try to achieve new heights. Although we are different by temper, we have a lot in common- same interests and life principles, we always help each other. 



Which player(s) has most influence on your style and understanding chess? 

I studied games of many players, especially world champions. I took something for me from each of them. But Kasparov games had most influence on me. 




How often do you visit Slovenia? Name three details most characteristic for this country. 

I have been playing for Slovenian chess federation for many years already, but visit this country quite seldom. About 2-3 times in year. Slovenia- is small, maintain and comfortable country.


Did you meet the new management of Ukrainian chess federation and what is your opinion about the passed changes? 

I didn't meet new management yet. Only I know that the president of chess federation Viktor Kapustin is interested that I and Sergei Karjakin again play under Ukrainian flag. But it's too early to make conclusions, we'll see. 




Please name a move (better several) from about 1 million played by your chess career, which is most precise for you. And why this move?

Most memorable for me is move Nb8 in my game against the world Champion Antoaneta Stefanova. It was after the opening, when not all of my pieces had moved already, instead of standard development I placed the knight, which was in play already on its initial position. This transfer helped me afterwards to win the game.


против Антоанеты Стефановой


Also very interesting and memorable for me is move h4 from my game against the player from Equador - Rocio Vasquez Ramirez. I made a combination, and in the position where opponent's queen stood under the attack of my knight and rook, I decided to make a simply move, improving my position.


против Роцио Васкуез


Please describe the typical training day of the grandmaster Ania Muzychuk. On what do you try to pay most attention?

Normally I work on chess 6-8 hours every day. I try to be universal player, that's why on my trainings I pay attention to all components of game: both strategical and tactical moments.




Theater, shopping, movies, travels, sport, internet surfing, what of above mentioned is your favorite way to spend free time?

Honestly, I have quite little free time for rest. From what you mentioned I like most of all sport games. Some time ago me and my sister had a weak vacation in Truskavets. Every day we played tennis, swimmed in pool and did exercises, walked a lot. During tournaments I watch entertaining movies after games. 




Do you have boyfriend? Does private life influence on chess results?

At a moment I have no boyfriend. I am fully concentrated on chess, that's why don't think too much about private life. 



P.S. I can't help making conclusion. I want to wish to Ann and Mariya to share champion trophies inside their family, following the experience of Klitschko brothers, and let president Ukrainian chess federation realize his idea and thus make huge present to Ukrainian chess fans! 


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