Vladimir Grabinsky
Vladimir Grabinsky
07.01.2017 22:50

Chess Olympiad attracts many people who follow the performance of the best national teams.  Normally they follow the games of top players, when few of them realize how much is left behind the scenes at Olympiad.  It’s like an iceberg, when you only see the top of it. Captains’ work is also left behind the scene. Previously this position was not always taken seriously. There used to be teams with local officials in role of captains, whose main task were photo shooting and sightseeing.

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16.07.2013 21:44

Interview with legendary Ukrainian grandmaster Oleg Romanishin by Angelmann, courtesy of www.Scacchierando.net. I hope that a few relevant pictures and games I added, will enrich the original. Highly recommended!

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10.03.2011 04:22

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09.08.2010 10:56

Amazing video with World Champion A.Kosteniuk.

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08.07.2010 12:34

Summer is a time, when people pack thinks for vacations and take sun bathes. For chess players it is hot tournament time. Here I will describe tournament lists and links, where our guys are going to heat up their opponents.

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