together with legendary chessplayers
13.12.2009 00:16
Each encounter was short, but so memorable..
In 2007 I played 2 games with Vlastimil Hort on Mainz Chess Classics. On this image pieces are set for game of chess 960, the following day master tested me in rapid chess. Each of us won once after that I said thank you to Grandmaster for play and nice book Together with Grandmaster, which he wrote with Jansa long ago.My family together with Olympic Champions Andrei Volokitin, Sergey Karjakin, Alexander Moiseenko.I was lucky to play with Andrei Sokolov in Cappelle la Grande. In my mind were turning memories about his famous and unpredictable matches with Vaganian, Jussupow, Karpov. He didnt only made last step to reach Kasparov. Although I remembered that his aggressive Sicilian schemes were highly praised, temptation to play 1..c5 was stronger!Facing grandmaster Inkiov in Guingamp, France. Of course his career contained many more important games. But still this game contained its intrigue. I managed to trap Bulgarian Grandmaster on the endgame with home preparation. Mistakes on realization didnt allow me to win.  A consolation for me was 3rd prize in this open tournament.Genius Vassily Ivanchuk is solving puzzles from our book Perfect Your Chess. I wish you could see his shining eyes when he cracked the other nut.Yuri Averbakh - the participant of great tournament in Zuerich of 1953, the book about which is the best chess book of all times on my opinion.Preparing for the game against Ulf Andersson I expected his usual weapon  French Defense. I chose gambit line to shatter one of the best central defender of 80-ties. Solid Ulf declined my sacrifice and got into worse pos. But the game ended as it had to be. After all mighty Swede had played 47 games with Anatoliy Karpov and 17- with Garry Kasparov. Nothing to add, impressing practice.In 2004 I was happy to invite for the round robin tournament the players, whose games taught me to play chess when I was younger. Unlikely to young grandmasters, Ratmir Kholmov agreed to come after 5 minute telephone talk. Pleasant moments of communication with Ratmir Kholmov and Viktor  Kupreichik.The most incredible thing about Kasparov is his desperate desire to win. Everywhere and in everything. No matter whether he plays football or has political dispute. He's champion's character! That's why he is called  "The Great and Terrific". In this picture "the Great and Terrific" together with "little and kind".What these coaches Mikhalchishin, Golod, Ochkoos, Sulypa, Gurevich, Kruppa, Grabinsky, have in common is the fact that they all studied in Lviv universities, except for Brodsky
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