Martyn Kravtsiv
Martyn Kravtsiv
15.06.2010 15:58
Bhubaneshwar - a city in India. Bhubaneshwar in translation means - city of gods (bhuban means city, ishvar - god).
Unfortunately, houses look much better from outside than inside. In the photo- building of hostel for students and players.India is rich on beautiful and mysterious plants.Hotels are most beautifully landscaped places in India.View from the hotel in Bhubaneswar. You may see the photographer in the reflection on window.A man leads the elephant to drink water. Or vice versa.Who is spying under the water?Zoo. Rhinoceros's skin is folded, creating the impression of armor.Local attraction - Forest Park. Main accessory here is cap rather than camera.This cup is the biggest one which I ever gained.In India, chess is second most popular sport after cricket. Set of chess pieces can be found at any souvenir shop and even in parks!The temperature rises above 30. What can be better than shade of trees in Forest Park then?Flowers are inevitable detail at opening and closing ceremonies of indian tournaments. They are handed to prize winners, sponsors, organizers and invited officials.
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