10 minutes of fun or try to recognize them.
08.05.2010 20:15
One can't see these photos without tender emotion. How long ago it was... Only clever eyes reveal the future grandmasters. So enjoy and smile!
Vladimir Bernadsky  - future "Fischer".I put on my socks. My medals are on me. I am no worse than Klitschko...That are not dairies. I guess that looks like jungles.The chess group in kindergarten. Vita Chulivska and Andrei Grekh on the collective photo.The team of our youth: Volodia Meleshko, Vita Chulivska, Andrei Grekh.Near Vita Chulivska and Andrei Grekh stands Sergei Zhdyniak. I still feel pity that he left chess. His rating 2175 in 11 years was quite a good achievement.Yuriy Kryvoruchko near Maksim Aronow. Maksim easily won Ukrainian Youth Championship under 10. All used to predict grandmaster future for him. 
But he didn't play chess for many years, moved to Germany and now is a FIDE master.Myroslava Hrabinska is playing her school opening.Mikhailo Oleksienko prefers to drink ..far not a beer yet.Andrei Volokitin is preparing for the tournament in Khanty-MansiyskAndrei Volokitin demonstrates real power of elephant (bishop in Russian chess terminology).Andrei Volokitin is wondering: "Where is that old man with big bag behind?".Andrei Volokitin on his way to a big hits.Viktor Kortchnoi is awarding our young eagles: Andrei Vovk, Mykyta Ubyivovk, Nestor Brylynskyy, Sviatoslav Pylypchuk, Andrei Kulinich.The coach is experiencing the details of scheveningen in order to share with his students it after many years.What is the main thing in sport according to Yaroslav Zherebukh? To choose the proper kind of transport. Which can contain all prizes and cups.Yaroslav Zherebukh rehearses his awarding ceremony before in Cappelle la Grande.Vladimir Grabinsky riding a horse.
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