grandmasters as kids
13.12.2009 01:18
These players are now well known in chess world. In this collection you can see them very young, when they only started to win their first cups.
In 1997 young Anna Muzychuk and Andrei Volokitin on their first World Championship in Cannes, France.Future Champions of Ukraine: Aleksander Areshchenko (2005), Valeriy Aveskulov (2007), Andrei Volokitin (2004) in Baku.My first training camp as a coach of youth team of Ukraine (Hungary 1998) presented me chance to work with Sergey Karjakin, Dmitry Tishin, Andrei Volokitin, Sergey Fedorchuk.This first Europe Championship for Yaroslav Zherebukh, Montenegro 2005. The result wasnt too happy but he gained important experience. In less than 4 years he became a grandmaster.Friendly match between youth teams of Ukraine and Poland took place in Przemyśl. On the photo you see the youngest player from Ukraine Kateryna Lahno and coach of team. In 10 years she became European Woman Champion twice.In 1998, 10 most talented young players of Lviv Region became chance to play in famous open tournament Pardubice thanks to sponsorship of one students mother. It was a good lesson for kids, although on that moment only Andrei Volokitin risked to play in main A section of tournament. Others gained experience and rating points in B, C and even D sections. But most memorable this trip was not only by chess but also by nice swimming pool. Andrei wasnt a perfect swimmer yet so he felt himself safer with his hand on trainers shoulder. Nearby are swimming 2 another future grandmasters Mikhaylo Oleksienko and Katia Matseyko.Six of these players became grandmasters. Moreover all of them  not just GMs but top players I dare to say. I offer you to guess who is who and also whose parents are there on this image.This is a significant photo for Ukrainian chess. Looking at these boys one cannot imagine that each of them would become a Champion of Ukraine. By the way it happened in the same order in which they are situated on this image. What a coincidence! Volokitin A. (winner of 2004), Areshenko A. (2005), Aveskulov V (2007), Jakymov V. (2009). Thanks for the picture to Dmitriy Aveskulov.The team of Lviv region was the youngest one on Ukrainian Youth games. Of course, small players didn't win any medals, but time supported correctness of this strategy. The main reward became the fact that 5 out of 6 participants of the team became grandmasters (Matseyko, Kryvoruchko, Muzychuk A., Oleksienko, Kravtsiv) and V. Meleshko devoted himself to coaching.The closing ceremony of Ukraine Championship under 12 in Ternopil. Little Yaroslav is awarded by Grand VassilyLviv team in Turkey in European champ 2004 (Vovk, Grabinsky, Kravtsiv, Kryvoruchko)On the podium! The coach of Ukrainian team grandmaster A.Sulypa given awards M.Hrabinska, V.Grabinsky, M.Kravtsiv, M.Oleksienko, Y.Kryvoruchko.Andrei Volokitin and Anna Muzychuk
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