To fish Rybka in troubled water or Slyusarchuk vs Ivanchuk
30.04.2011 02:52

Vassily Ivanchuk: I didn’t learn the details of this match. But if this man feels himself so strong, let him first play in Ukrainian championship or at least some regional championship and get some rating.

After the interviewer suggested to organize match between 2 landsmen - Vassily vs Andrey

Vassily Ivanchuk answered that it’s not the first thing about which he is dreaming now.

Andrey Slyusarchuk responded that he is not going to prove anything. He don’t see any benefit for himself from match with Ivanchuk after he’s beaten Rybka. Winning against Ivanchuk for him is too simple task.

Vladimir Grabinsky skeptically estimated match Slyusarchuk - Rybka and indicated the move which Rybka made in contrary to its opening book: capture with bishop on c6 in well known opening position




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