Vassily Ivanchuk
05.06.2013 08:33

Vladimir Kramnik

"Vasily is regards chess so fanatically, so that gives him a handicap comparing to others. No secret that some chess players distinguish more and less important tournaments, and for Ivanchuk each tournament is the most important in his life. I admire that at his age [next year Ivanchuk will be 40] he plays very well. Probably even better than in any other time in his career. I am glad for him. That gives me a kind of a motivation for me, and that means one can play chess well for a long time.".


Nigel Short

"I admire the talent of Ivanchuk. He is fantastic chess player! But he has no character for the big competition, he'll be doomed whatever playing system is there. Vasily can win the strongest tournament, but the world championship match is not for him. When the tension gots high, he collapses".


Viktor Korchnoi

"I am friendly envious with 2 persons Ivanchuk and Kasparov, because they could bring so much beautiful things in chess".


Garry Kasparov

"Ivanchuk is a first class chess player. For instance, Gelfand and Topalov aren't such. Aronian is close to that but yet he hasn't entered that caste. Ivanchuk continues the tradition of the outstanding players who didn't become world champions, such were Keres, Korchnoi. Moreover, he even surpasses them in certain components as he for instance, overtook me and Karpov in the tournaments, while those mentioned before haven't outstripped the star players of those times.".



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