Asian Youth Chess Championship 2012
09.07.2012 14:55
The Asian Youth Chess Championship 2012 was held in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka with 310 players from 19 countries.
Asian Youth Championships this year was held in Sri Lanka. It is an island in the Indian Ocean near India. At the airport I noticed that they welcome arrivers to enjoy paradise on the earth. Most of the scenery is really quite charming.Hotel and venue of the Championship was absolutely ideal from the point of view of nature, but not perfect in terms of sanitation. The first evening I saw a lizard on the wall in a five star hotel and thought what an original décor they have. But when the "decor" began to move around, I realized that closeness with nature, sometimes is even closer than I wished.That was the biggest turtle I've ever seen so I immediately took picture of it. The owner estimated this shoot in "at least 10 US dollars". I offered him 100 rupies, its approximately 50 Cent. He snorted in disagreement, so I just hide the banknote to my pocket. At this moment my friend fauna-fan became kind again and received his 100 rupies. Both parties were left satisfied with the deal and you may enjoy the turtleSri Lanka is quite poor country so we were adviced to stay within the hotel territory. The main export product is tea. What is no surprise if you remember that before gaining its independence country was named CeylonEight years ago this place was severely damaged by the tsunami. Earthquake in the Indian Ocean was awfully strong. The energy released by an earthquake was enough to boil up to 150 liters of water for every inhabitant of the Earth. The total energy of the tsunami waves was more than two times greater than the energy of all combat shells, blown up during World War II (including the two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki). This ocean is not so peaceful.This photo I took from the picture on the wall. I wonder what these characters had seen to get such round eyes...In the Asian Championship there were participants from 19 countries. The level of this tournament is growing and very soon it will catch up with the European Championship. Countries such as India, China are already among the favorites at the youth world championships. And Vietnam, Mongolia, Iran, Kazakhstan seriously develop children's chess and also already have their own rising stars.This year's championship was dominated by India. First, because of proximity to Sri Lanka they could bring a large number of players. Second, after Anand's success mane parents and children realized of great possibilities chess may present.Iran team won the second place. They are experiencing chess boom now. Invited professional coaches Konstantin Landa, Sarhan Guliev, Virginijus Grabliauskas do make great jobThe third place went to Vietnam. China was 4th, although not all best players participated in the tournament. I want to mention Mongolia too. Although the country is quite poor, but chess is treated seriously there. As one coach told me, children are ready to work on chess from morning till evening and weekend tournaments normally collect around 400 players. So soon we'll expect for Mongol invasion!This young chess player from Mongolia was left without awards. But, in my opinion, he could possibly be awarded as the most courageous participant of the tournament. Who disagrees, let you try to play chess with two broken hands.And now is series of pictures on the topic - first board in the last round. The fight for medals between 8 years old Kazybek Nogerbek from Kazakhstan and Praggnanandhaa from India. The champion after this party became a compatriot of Ananda.In this game, determined champion of Asia in category u-12. Vaishali from India scored 8.5 out of 9 and has left no chance Cao Minh Trang from Vietnam
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