having played too much
18.12.2009 21:37
Here youll find the collection of photos with which we want to provoke your smile. I managed to take these images in different periods and hope that people who were shot on them will reveal their sense of humor and wont be too cross with me. Please have fun and enjoy viewing them!
grandmasters halt in the center PragueChess is strange game very odd oneNyzhnyk Illya sitting on crossed legs to reach the boardYaroslav Zherebukh is deep in positionFirst movesMikhailo Oleksienko is taking a rideVitali Golod and Evgenij Miroshnichenko have discord of viewsI wanted some milkMain thing in opening preparation of Bogdan Lalic is access to electricityTest on heads solidityOne can play this way too!WGM Matseiko about GM Areshenko "This eagle isgoing to fly!"These hands didn't touch the chocolate cakeThe prize in blitz tournament was beer barrel. After which it's important for Yaroslav Zherebukh not to overestimate his potential.Grandmaster Zherebukh is anticipating for opponent's counterplayback to childhood WGM HrabinskaRoiz: "Do you know that Kortchnoi prefers caviar before the game and Kasparov likes chocolate?" Golod: "that's nonsence! Vodka with lemon can bring much better refreshment!"I don't care cheaters! My source of information is much better! Moves are falling down from up!
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