Grandcoach friends
27.06.2010 12:07
The founder of masochism Leopold von Sacher-Masoch was born in Lviv. Monument of Sacher-Masoch in Lviv is situated in front of the Mazoch cafe. Inside cafe is decorated by hanging masochistic things - whips, chains, handcuffs. On the chest of the monument there is the magnifying glass inbuilt, through which one can be seen replaceable erotic images.Nataliya BuksaThe tournament winner Maksim Yusupov combined participation in the event with his exams in university. He succeeded in both activities.Swiss Cla Mathieu is a professional guitar teacher. Players could enjoy his art of playing guitar at final dinner.Pavel Aronin from Israel has a famous relative in his family. Anyone, who is familiar with the history of chess, knows one of the strongest players of the USSR in the 1950's Lev Aronin. Pavel is going to write a book about his famous relative, who had a positive score against Mikhail Tal and Tigran Petrosian.Clarence Psaila from Malta specifically moved to Lviv (several months ago, together with his wife and young son to improve his chess. His dream is to get into national team of Malta and play in Olympiad.Grandmaster Mikhail Kozakov estimates games of young players with his experienced eye.Oleg Terletsky shared first place in the tournament. He'll have material to show to his students, since Oleg is already working as a chess coach.Going out to Market Square between the rounds.Potocki Palace is the residence of Ukrainian president in Lviv. Frustrated match between Topalov and Kramnik was supposed to be held here.St. George Cathedral - is main Greek-Catholic church in Lviv. It is included in list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.It is well known how much Ukrainian people love fat. That's why this picture in the center of the city is quite symbolic :)Foreign guests highly appreciated Ukrainian cuisine, comfort of Lviv cafes and low prices in them.The oldest architectural monument in Lviv - Armenian Cathedral. The construction of it started back in 1363!Maksim Yusupov won with left hand.International arbiter Rudolf Kolesnikov fixes "touch-play" rule in game of Oleg Terletsky.For Natalia Buksa this tournament was a step in his preparation for the European championship. Despite the result she looked like most professional  player among all participants. She was fighting each game without leaving the board for four hours.Danylo Zatorsky is playing chess again after a long break due to his study. When main tournament was just a warming up for him, in blitz tournament he beated 3 grandmasters!Young players Gosha Zolotariov and Vladik Sumin came to see how things were going on.Taras Shvets stopped playing in tournaments several years ago. His first coach was Roman Gubka, from whom he inherited his opening repertoire - French defence and 1.d4 for white. Now Taras is working as a program developer for Toshiba Corporation and even had training courses in Japan.Viktor Zheliandinov is watching blitz by new generation of Lviv playersThe winner of the tournament "Young World Stars 2010" has to make important decision this days. Yaroslav Zherebukh chooses which institute to enter.Blonde players in chess have different reputation than blonde women... This is proved by high ratings of Yaroslav Zherebukh and Mykhailo Oleksienko.It's quiet in playing hall, but outside life goes on...Friendly blitz after the tournament was won by Martyn Kravtsiv.The neutral Swiss Matheu Cla observes the military preparation of the Israeli Pavel Aronin :)
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