2011 World Youth Under 16 Chess Olympiad
08.11.2011 23:14
10th World Youth U16 Chess Olympiad: Kocaeli 2011
On the opening ceremony of chess olympiad u-16 we got to kow that this year there wil compete 26 teams from 20 countries. There were included not only traditiona chess countries like Russia, Armenia, India but also quite exotic Kyrgyzstan, South Africa, Kenya. This all despite the fact, that arriving day coincided with great earthquake which killed 600 people.There teams arrived with many famous coaches. Yusupov, Gurevich, Kobalia, Magerramov, Yegiazarian could compose a star team themselve.All teams were accomodated in the very comfortable hotel which is 1600 m above the sea level. This place is espacially popular among skiers in winter and football teams are preparig there in summer.The Russian team expectedly became champions, it"s leaders were 2 grandmasters Dubov and Fedoseev. Also Eliseev Urii, Terentjev Vladislav, Nikologorskiy Konstantin became champions.
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