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Yuriy Kryvoruchko
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12.08.2010 02:11

This year me and Vita decided to visit Greece again. First, I played at Greek team championship for Chania chess Academy, and then both of us took part at open tournaments in Crete.

Ivanchuk was top seeded in Greek team championship, and most of teams had strong foreign players on first two boards. I played against 6 opponents with higher ratings, and the only game which I lost, was against weaker player. (To say the truth, 5 opponents had about the same rating as me, and only Ivanchuk was quite stronger). So, at the first round, which I played within 5 hours after arrival to Athens, I had white pieces against Bartel. I got advantage after the opening, but than made few routine moves, and finally my opponent blundered in equal position and I won.



At the second round game against Ivanchuk I got quite promising position, but failed to found nice e6 move, which could be dangerous for black. At the end, to avoid worse endgame, I decided to make draw by moves repetition.



 Before the game




In the third game against Lupulescu, I captured initiative after the opening, and after few mistakes of my opponent, I won this game.




At fourth round I played with Czaba Balogh from Hungary. I got slightly worse position in Arkhangelsky, but my opponent missed few opportunities, and game ended draw. 


Meditation about Arkhangelsky variation


In the fifth round game I lost with white pieces to Greek player Nikolaidis. I played badly in the opening, and weakened position of my king. When I thought, that my position is not so dangerous, I blundered and lost.
Than I played black with Russian prodigy Sanan Sjugirov. After few second-class moves I got very unpleasant position, but Sanan miscalculated something after time control, and I achieved draw.
At the last round I couldn't create any problems for Leonid Kritz, and game ended in draw at 29th move. 




After Athens we went to Rethymno, Crete, where we played at the second International Chess Tournament “Rethymno 2010”. Top seed was Gabriel Sargissian from Armenia, and I was 5th  in starting rank.


Tournament hall in Rethymno


Start of the tournament was not very good for me- after two wins, I got very dangerous position against Greek player Georgiadis, but made draw. Also, my fourth round game was drawish - against Daniil Dubov from Russia.


My game against Georgaidis- after 1.Nf3 I did my best to achieve draw Smile


Then, I won all games with white pieces and made draw with black, and scored +5. I shared first place, but since the first tie-break was progress, and I took only fifth place.


 Vita during her game with GM Postny


 Final round. Battle for prizes



Before the closing ceremony, which was held on Rethymno Castle



Out of the games I can pick out duel with Maiorov, from 5 th round and last round game with Svetushkin.






And our last tournament was 3rd International Paleochora Open 2010 , which was organized by my club (Chania chess Academy) and Municipality of Pelecanos.


Major at the opening ceremony 



I started quite well, but on the second day, at the second and third rounds, I won only with help of my opponents. Then I won against Kateryna Lahno, she blundered in equal position




Beach with pink sand in Elafonisi, with our foots


In the fifth round I won a nice game against another Ukrainian player - Yaroslav Zinchenko, and scored 5/5.

Unpleasant surprise- 13.Bf4! is waiting for Yaroslav soon




My next opponent was Dmitry Svetushkin. He applied quite interesting and strong novelty, and got some edge after the opening. But then he made some weak moves, and I won six games in a row! 

Of course, I wanted to score 9/9 at this moment, like the great Fischer, but at the next round I got worse position against Misa Pap, and was forced to make threefold repetition. So, I corrected my aim, and after two quick draws in last rounds, I took the first place! 


Happy winners during closing ceremony


Of course, I am satisfied with voyage to Greece - we spent our time very nice, and I added 26 points to my FIDE rating.

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