Vita Kryvoruchko (Chulivska)
Vita Kryvoruchko (Chulivska)

    I began to play chess, when I was 5 year. As a matter of fact, I spent much time on chess only when graduated from the school and college. I entered the university and became a student of extra mural department Law Faculty After-Diploma Institute of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv two years ago. But it goes without saying that I am fond of chess. I consider, I would not become such good chess-player without my first coach Mykola Matvienko, my coach Vladimir Grabinsky, my parents and friends.
   My chess attainments are:

  • Gold medals of Ukraine Championships (girls) - 2001 and 2004
  • Second place (2002 and 2007) and third place (2000 and 2004) in the Championship of Ukraine (girls)
  • First place among women in the international open-tournament "A" Pardubice (CZE)
  • The seventh place (2001) and the ninth place (2004) in the World Championship (girls)
  • The fifth place in the Championship of Ukraine (women) - 2008