Vasylyshyn Memorial
Vasylyshyn Memorial
19.11.2010 10:24

Without any doubt Vasylyshyn Memorial became event №1 in Lviv chess world. Of course we can’t neglect the importance of some other local events, but from other hand where else   can we see main Lviv grandmasters (as a players, or at least as spectators) gathered in one playing hall. Only here – on Vasylyshyn Memorial! Also it’s worth of wondering our event is a result of fertile cooperation of chess, sport  and even scientific institutes of our city. The reason of all that cooperation is embodied in one person - Mykhaylo Vasylyshyn (1938-2002) whose life and activity is honored with our event. It’s a real paradox – man that was  international master in freestyle wrestling and was only a chess admirer (not professional) is traditionally honored with chess festival. But is the way of honoring really important? The real important thing is that lot’s of talented chess players from lots of countries visit our event year by year.


Mykhaylo Vasylyshyn and Viktor Korchnoi have just awarded the future grandmaster Andrey Vovk (smiling guy with turned head) - now one of ELO leaders of " Vasylyshyn Memorial-2010"

By the way “Vasylyshyn Memorial-2010” becomes  much more interesting this year as our event finally transformed to festival format. Four out of six  preceding editions were in one male GM-round robin format and only two in format of both male and female GM tournaments. This year we dared to manage three (!) tournaments format: both male and female GM round robins, but also a IM round robin! We also managed to set other record - to invite participants from 8(!) countries.  It’s the first time we can see players from Lithuania and Czech Republic here.

Personally for me (for GM Yuri Vovk) this event is special too. It’s the first time when I don’t participate as a player. But it’s the first time when I am obligated to be one of the arbiters of the event (not a chief one, but anyway it’s a new experience).

Dear English speaking followers of our event! Of course most of you can’t visit our event in person, but you can read all tournament information (results, photos, games , interviews) on this site. To pity we have  no  live broadcasting, but you will be able to read and download all above-mentioned information  on our site just in few  hours after the end of the last game of the round. Our festival takes place in Lviv, Ukraine during the period of the 23rd  of November to 1st of December. Our games start usually on 4 pm local time (3 pm CET) and only last round will start in the morning. So around 11pm (CET) you will be able to get fresh information about our festival. Don’t miss it!


List of players in the GM event: Oleksienko, Mikhailo g UKR 2559; Vysochin Spartak g UKR 2550; Vovk, Andrey g UKR 2546; Fedoseev Vladimir m RUS 2477; Petr, Martin m CZE 2462; Semcesen, Daniel m SWE 2449; Smith, Axel m SWE 2448; Bernadskiy, Vitaliy m UKR 2438;  Grabliauskas, Virginijus m LTU 2404; Polivanov Anatoliy m UKR 2395. Average rating = 2472 (the second highest average in the history of our festival)

List of players in the IM event : Grekh, Andrey m UKR 2373; Bargan Sergei m MDA 2347;  Nester, Ihor  m UKR 2340; Duzhakov, Ilya f RUS 2336; Tsyhanchuk, Stanislav f BLR 2328; Meleshko, Vladimir UKR 2252;  Huda, Maryana wg UKR 2221; Vetoshko, Volodymyr UKR 2211;Terletsky Oleg UKR 2170; Leinov, Roman BLR 2162. Average rating = 2274

List of players in the WGM event : Hryhorenko, Nataliya wm UKR 2344; Soloviova, Liza wg UKR 2315; Fominykh, Maria wm RUS 2309; Petrenko, Svetlana wg MDA 2256; Matseyko, Katerina wg UKR 2243; Chulivska, Vita wm UKR 2215; Gasik, Anna wm POL 2196; Chlost, Marlena wf POL 2152; Cherednichenko, Elena wf UKR 2149; Buksa, Nataliya UKR 1943. Average rating = 2212

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