Yaroslav Zherebukh
Yaroslav Zherebukh
07.04.2011 14:24

On Europe Championship 2011 Zherebukh managed to select for World Cup, getting 7,5 points out of 11 games. Among his opponents there were such experts like Smirin, Zvjaginsev, McShane, Dreev, Kurnosov, Hracek, Andriasian, Khairullin. All players have rating above 2600! This time Yaroslav presents his commentaries to the game against the highest rated opponent 2700+.

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04.03.2010 22:22

The encounter with Anton Kovalyov became best game of Yaroslav Zherebukh on his victorious Cappelle la Grande. Originally played opening, energetic middlegame, full of tactics, but it didn’t last to endgame. Although one can’t reproach Yaroslav for this Smile.

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05.01.2010 00:01

Legendary Evgeni Vasiukov never was boring in chess. Yaroslav Zherebukh is also far not a soft player. Despite 60 years of gap in their age, the opponents managed to set fire on the board. The result must bring fun for the chess lovers, who will enjoy chess thriller with winner's commentaries.

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