42nd Olympiad Baku 2016
17.09.2016 13:15
The 42nd Chess Olympiad was held in Baku, Azerbaijan, from 1–14 September 2016
In the last round Barbados team played next table to Germany. In the previous round we just beat Wales 3-1. So we lost the last match 1-3 to Denmark, which consisted purely of GMs.  That's not so bad as for the island with 277 thousands population. Guys really love chess, they got to Olympiad with 3 flights lasting 2 days. One of the flights Miami-Istanbul took 11 hours. They experienced awfully jet lag and adaptation to 9 hour time gap. It was unforgettable to work as a captain of this teamI was always more happy with success of Lviv football team Karpaty rather than Dynamo Kiev for example. As a kid I used to root not for Karpov and Kasparov but Lviv GMs. The results of Beliavsky were often reason for joy. The first board on Olympiad in Thessaloniki, USSR championships and many other victories. 16 Olympiad played, 4 golden medals achieved. He's the legend from my childhood. His chess carreer is brilliant!If you take statistics of trainers you'll find out that the coaches from Ukraine consisted the highest number. The level of Ukrainian coaches is main secret of Ukrainian school success! Coaches of Haiti and Jordan are at the picture. This famous GMs Gurevich and Kruppa learned their first training secrets long time ago in Lviv Institute of Physical CultureAndrei Volokitin demonstrated extraordinary performance at Olympiad 8,5 out of 9. That's the record performance for whole history of Chess Olympiads - 2992. To realise his much it is one can compare it to previous records. Garry Kasparov in Slovenia, 2002, shooted 2933, and Sergey Karjakin in Spain, 2004 performed 2929The youngest and most promising team was from Iran. These guys won Olympiad u16 last year and made sensation at Baku Olympiad. Draws in matches with England, Italy and Georgia are remarkable. I want to note especially Maghsoodloo Parham, who didn't lose a single game. 8 out of 11. Remember him! He's only 16. He's sitting on the left on the picture. We'll have to learn his name, he's future star. I can guarantee!Many chessplayers believe that all around people owe them for their knowledge of moving knights. Organizers pay too little, coaches train them badly, country doesn't appreciate. But they forget to ask themselves: what did I do apart from participating in tournaments. Did I give lectures for kids, simultants for amateurs, interviews for journalists. But here is another example. I approached to take picture of 2 sisters, no need to introduce them, they are well-known around the globe. After seeing my camera they broke conversation, turned to me and smiled. Just for occasional photo...
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