Myroslava Hrabinska (Yakivchyk)
Myroslava Hrabinska (Yakivchyk)
Dubai Fountain
09.03.2010 00:37

    Today I got one of the strongest impressions in my life. I am eager to share with you! You all have heard about the highest building in the world Burj Khalifa (initial name Burj Dubai changed in honor of Abu-Dhabi Sheikh who helped Dubai to cope with crisis). But you might have not yet hear about one of the highest fountains in the world placed in front of it. Water can shoot up to 150 meter (about 50 storied building). Every 20 minutes in evenings there start new musical show with fountains dancing. This wonder is impossible to describe with words. I was breathless observing the performance in 30 meters and want to share with you this chance.

   On the video you may see me, my daughter (dancing) and Vladimir’s mother enjoy fountain with joyful Arabian music. Behind you may notice the highest skyscraper.

Dubai fountain

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