Vasylyshyn Memorial
Vasylyshyn Memorial

So when enthusiastic kids ask how they can become chess masters, what do you tell them?

"Just keep playing often!

 Concepts fall into place only when you get them on the board!

It's a bit like learning a language;

it's nice to read a book, but only when you speak to someone does it all start to fall into place."



Essence of this event is to give chance for young chess players from Lviv (and foreign players too) to play in strong round robin event and get experience and perform international titles. We had honour to invite for our previous tournaments such famous players as: Y.Kryvoruchko, M. Muzychuk, G.Melkumyan, I.Nyzhnyk, V.Fedoseev, A.Ipatov. Here you can find the list of GM norm through out the history of Vasylyshyn Memorial: T.Gareev (USA), M.Oleksienko (Ukraine), V.Zakhartsov (Russia), Y.Vovk (Ukraine), Y.Zherebukh (Ukraine), L.Babujian (Armenia), A.Vovk (Ukraine), M.Erdogdu (Turkey), V.Onischuk (Ukraine), M.Petr (Czech Republic), Dastan Muhammed Batuhan (Turkey), A.Ostrovskiy (Ukraine)

results 2015 winner Andrey Ostrovskiy

results 2014 winner Martyn Kravtsiv

results 2013 winner Yuri Vovk 

results 2012 winner Spartak Vysochin

results 2011 winner Yuri Vovk

results 2010 winner Spartak Vysochin

results 2009 (man) winner Denis Yevseev

                  (women) Myroslava Hrabinska

results 2008 winner Yaroslav Zherebukh

results 2007 winner Yuri Vovk

results 2006 winner Viacheslav Zakhartsov

results 2005 winner Nikita Maiorov

results 2004 (women) winner Svetlana Petrenko

results 2004 (man) winner Timur Gareev