10.02.2010 19:01

This game was played in spirit of best old masters games. If it were not date mentioned, one could really believe this is one of Morphy or Chigorin masterpiece. Firework of sacrifices, exceptional decisions and witty comments by Yuri promise you much fun!

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08.02.2010 13:39

 On the south-eastern coast of India there is situated a city known by its chess traditions – Chennai. Have you doubt? Then you should know that until 1996 the city had another name – Madras. It is place of birth of Viswi Anand, Krishnan Sasikiran and many other grandmasters.


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08.02.2010 11:48
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08.02.2010 00:34

The victory of Andrei Grekh took the prize as best game on Vasylyshyn Memorial 2008. Some readers may not be much impressed by it. Far not Linares - would they say. But I don't agree. Not the tournament adorns the game, but beautiful games can embellish any competition! Really Andrei won good attacking game with final nice queen sacrifice. Welcome to view. 

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29.01.2010 14:36
For young Vitaliy Bernadskiy (1994), Vasylyshin Memorial was first tournament with GM’s norm. One must acknowledge that he had absolutely no fear in such strong company, and played aggressively, not noticing high ratings of his opponents. His result 5 points out of 9 possible – looks very solid. To introduce himself Vitaliy analyzed his amazing game against international master from Sweden. Already on 22nd move 2 black pawns got 2nd rank. Really spectacular game!
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26.01.2010 14:01

Andrei Volokitin is well-known team player. Gold of Olympiad, best result at 1st board in Bundesliga (with many top players played) and regular invitations to Ukrainian team - are best proves of it. Please look how easily he coped with his experienced opponent - in World Team Championship.

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26.01.2010 13:16
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15.01.2010 01:21
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Andrei Grekh : Gallery : On tournaments : New images
14.01.2010 22:59
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14.01.2010 22:57
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14.01.2010 16:20

To your attention we offer the best game of Chess Informant №104. Representative jury found Volokitin’s game the best of the best. The winner commented this intensive battle in and details for the first time. Also Andrei shared with useful information about Slav defense, proving once again that he is one of the best opening expert in the world.

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14.01.2010 16:15
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09.01.2010 23:39
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07.01.2010 22:44

This game was decisive for right to play on World Cup 2009. Not so often it happens that important for sport result game appears to be really beautiful. Even more seldom one can win against player with 2600+ in 24 moves. Perhaps, for these achievements the experts of site chesspro.ru voted for this Blitzkrieg third rank of the best games played in May of 2008. This encounter was commented in many magazines and articles, but only on this site you can enjoy the exclusive analysis of international Grandmaster Yuriy Kryvoruchko.

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05.01.2010 23:46

One of the best Russian chess commentators Maksim Notkin wrote: “In game Oleksienko-Grandelius, Ukrainian grandmaster, having got advantage in interesting positional game, chose a fabulous way of its realization”. Forcing line with exchange sacrifice led to a position where White had also to sacrifice one more piece to rescue himself from mate, as a result game arrived to endgame, where extra rook wasn’t able to stop white pawns from promoting”. The only thing I can add to this is thanks to Mikhaylo Oleksienko for his detailed comments which clarify what actually happened in this thriller-game.

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05.01.2010 16:22

You may know Yuri Vovk as grandmaster. But could you imagine he is also a poet and chess composer? So please get acquainted with one of his poems!  Enjoy!

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05.01.2010 13:25
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05.01.2010 00:01

Legendary Evgeni Vasiukov never was boring in chess. Yaroslav Zherebukh is also far not a soft player. Despite 60 years of gap in their age, the opponents managed to set fire on the board. The result must bring fun for the chess lovers, who will enjoy chess thriller with winner's commentaries.

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02.01.2010 00:40

On holidays we usually congratulate friends and give them presents. But we approach this matter in a chess way: will offer chess lovers a real diamond in 5 carats moves. The study of Herbstmann and Korolkov – believe us, is really precious one! Those who accept the challenge and solve it will memorize our present for long time!




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31.12.2009 23:53

There is a good tradition in Lviv to hold round robin tournaments with GM and WGM norm to memorize sport’s official Mykhailo Vasylyshyn. Here you can read about both tournaments and see many photos.

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