25.04.2012 09:01

Dear chess friends! Let me cordially invite you to IM round robin in Zhovkva, Lviv region (24-30th April)

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12.04.2012 12:30

Before the start of Football Europe Championship, there will be held International Chess Festival "Euro Open" in Lviv (28.05 - 02.06.2012), which will include 2 open tournaments with total prize fund about 3000 USD. While participating in this tournament you can enjoy ancient Lviv and feel the atmosphere of Euro 2012!

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07.04.2012 14:23

On open tournament in Brno (Czech Republic) Vitaliy scored 8,5 out of 9. That’s why it’s interesting that who chose the only draw game for commentaries instead of any of his victories.

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08.12.2011 13:24

Yildiz, Betul Cemre (Turkey) became winner of 8th Vasylyshyn Memorial - IM. This brought for her norm of WGM and IM. Her coach Lviv grandmaster Adrian Mikhalchishin commented 2 games of this winning tournament.

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29.11.2011 21:56

In this section you can find cross tables of GMs and IMs tournaments of the Vasylyshyn Memorial - 2011. As well as download games in cbv format.

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09.11.2011 00:24
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26.10.2011 23:08

Yaroslav Zherebukh (FIDE 2594) is a 17 year old Grandmaster from the Ukraine who earned the GM title when he was only 15 years old! He is in the top 10 highest rated U18 players in the world and shows tons of potential to become a top 2700+ super GM within the next few years with many convincing wins against many super GMs such as Pavel Elijanov and David Navara.

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09.10.2011 22:48
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04.10.2011 18:01
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09.09.2011 01:02
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07.09.2011 00:04

Yaroslav Zherebukh defeated Pavel Eljanov (Ukraine), Ruben Felgaer (Argentine), Shakhriyar Mamedjarov (Azerbaijan) and qualified to 1/8 World Cup 2011.

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14.08.2011 02:57

Knowing Andrei attacking style, many of his opponents try to find consolation and comfort in Berlin Wall. But they forget Andrei impressing victories in this line over Karjakin and Alekseev. So one more instructive lecture in Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense (C67).

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30.07.2011 06:22

Yuriy Kryvoruchko is a 24 year old Ukranian grandmaster with a current FIDE of over 2660. He was currently placed very well in recent tournaments with a calm positional understanding that places him as a prime candidate to break the 2700 barrier. The game we chose to cover was a game he played as white at this years Capelle la Grande in France. This was quite an exciting interview for me as this was the 5th time we we’re honored to interview a GM in the Top 100 FIDE list.

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07.07.2011 20:09

There are no changes this year in the program of third festival: again 10 players (from Moldova, Russia, Poland, Ukraine) were fighting for the title of International Master, when young players competed in the Fide calculated open. Master round-robin winner became Nguyen Piotr (Poland). Open tournament was won by Matviyishen Viktor (Vinnitsa). Oksana Golubeva (Russia) gained the title of WIM.

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28.06.2011 01:13

How fast this week has passed away! And now we are made to wait for a 3rd Royal Residence Cup in 2012.

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24.06.2011 20:29

In Saturday 25th June Lviv chess federation organized granmaster's blitz-tournament dedicated to 50th anniversary of Lviv youth chess school. 50 years ago Kart started to train little Marta Litinskaya, Oleg Romanishin, Alexander Beliavsky.

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having played too much : New images
23.06.2011 02:07
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31.05.2011 03:07
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03.05.2011 16:13
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30.04.2011 02:52

Andrew Slyusarchuk beat Rybka 4.0 in a two-game blindfold match!

Vassily Ivanchuk: I didn’t learn the details of this match. But if this man feels himself so strong, let him first play in Ukrainian championship or at least some regional championship and get some rating...

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07.04.2011 14:24

On Europe Championship 2011 Zherebukh managed to select for World Cup, getting 7,5 points out of 11 games. Among his opponents there were such experts like Smirin, Zvjaginsev, McShane, Dreev, Kurnosov, Hracek, Andriasian, Khairullin. All players have rating above 2600! This time Yaroslav presents his commentaries to the game against the highest rated opponent 2700+.

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31.03.2011 13:18

Being Mykhailo's coach for many years, I noticed that the tougher the situation is, the better he plays. Having black pieces against talented attacking player with 2670 ELO is not a picnic. Moreover, their head-to-head score was 0-4 prior to the game. I strongly recommend to go over Mykhailo's sincere and objective comments where he shed light on few nuances of psychological battle over the chessboard.

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10.03.2011 04:22

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