16.02.2011 01:13

Let’s start from far. It was in Germany 2007, when I was for the first time played to chess tigers tournament in Mainz. Here I learnt about their annual tradition to invite an honored guest, who plays simultaneous on 40 boards before the start of main tournament. By chance that year the invited star turned to be my genius landsman Vassily Ivanchuk.

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06.02.2011 01:57

On my opinion, ability to play dynamically - is the most important thing what the coach must teach his students. Strategy, endgame techniques, certain knowledges - these all is coming gradually with experience. But abilities to play creatively, find combinations, sharpen position - are only gained at early stages of play in childhood! That's why I am especially happy with the games in which my students overplay their opponents exactly in this element of chess...

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18.01.2011 19:14

This game was played by Katerina with full swing. She grasped initiative from the first moves, and kept it till the end. The game climax was it's final position when all white pieces surrounded the black king like predators.


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15.01.2011 00:45
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10.01.2011 03:02

Festival’s program include 2 tournaments: round-robin with norm of international master, where 5 international masters are playing and children open with 43 kids.

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05.01.2011 19:30

The visit of the famous chess trainer to the Holy City was an unexpected and pleasant surprise for the local chess fans. Here you can take a look at the pictures taken during his visit as well as ponder over some positions from his lectures here.

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19.12.2010 01:03
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02.12.2010 01:30
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26.11.2010 04:17

The report by ZIC channel about our tournament (video clip).

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24.11.2010 11:11

In this section you can find cross tables of all 3 tournaments of the Vasylyshyn Memorial Festival - 2010. As well as download games in cbv format.

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22.11.2010 02:52
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19.11.2010 10:24

Without any doubt Vasylyshyn Memorial became event 1 in Lviv chess world. Of course we can’t neglect the importance of some other local events, but from other hand where else can we see main Lviv grandmasters  (as a players, or at least as spectators) gathered in one playing hall. Only here – on Vasylyshyn Memorial! Also it’s worth of wondering our event is a result of fertile cooperation of chess, sport  and even scientific institutes of our city. The reason of all that cooperation is embodied in one person - Mykhaylo Vasylyshyn (1938-2002) whose life and activity is honored with our event.

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04.10.2010 22:57
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13.09.2010 11:53

Andrei Vovk is moving on the white strip of his career. He won 2 tournaments with GM norm in a row (in Olomouc, Czech Republic and Rosenheim, Germany). Out of his glorious games Andrey chose the one, where he only needed 26 moves to win. This is a model game that illustrates the classical rule formulated by Steintz: "The player with the initiative has to attack and to develop the initiative actively; otherwise it will vanish or pass to the opponent"

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02.09.2010 14:31

Good tournament is traditional one! What a pleasure it is to play for example in Cappelle la Grande or Pardubice! But Lviv isn't an exception too! Facing the troubles and problems we bring our tradition through the time and are happy to announce the 7th Lviv Chess Festival "Vasylyshyn Memorial" that will take place in Lviv in period of 23 November - 1 December.

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30.08.2010 01:10
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12.08.2010 02:11

 This year me and Vita Chulivska decided to visit Greece again. First, I played at Greek team championship for Chania chess Academy, and then both of us took part at open tournaments in Crete.

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09.08.2010 19:27

Some video episodes from my games in rapid-tournament in Mainz.

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09.08.2010 10:56

Amazing video with World Champion A.Kosteniuk.

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09.08.2010 01:24
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06.08.2010 00:19

A few days ago I came back from Spain. Now I decided to share my impressions with you. I took second place in IV TORNEO INTERNACIONAL A.D.SAN JUAN – PAMPLONA and visited Madrid and Barcelona. The story won’t be long – I will just tell where I was and what I saw.

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28.07.2010 02:43

 Anna Muzychyk, with rating 2527, is now 8th ranked in the world. Only 7 positions separate her from the top! It is high time to ask this nice sportswoman, Lviv citizen and just a beautiful girl a few questions. To tell the truth, one answer really excited me...

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26.07.2010 01:07
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08.07.2010 12:34

Summer is a time, when people pack thinks for vacations and take sun bathes. For chess players it is hot tournament time. Here I will describe tournament lists and links, where our guys are going to heat up their opponents.

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