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Woman Grandmaster Vita Kryvoruchko shows the kids her game from the 2016 Metro Saint Louis Class Championships against IM Eric Rosen. See if you can find the best moves in each position. This lecture was prepared for Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis.

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27.03.2016 23:18

Yuriy Vovk made furore at the World Blitz Championship 2015. Being ranked 113th Yuriy took 9th place. He had chance to face many elite players for the first time in his life. Yuriy beated Aronian, Movsesian, Vachier-Lagrave, Wojtaszek, Malakhov, and drew with Carlsen, Leko, Gelfand and Svidler. After 19th round Yuriy was leading at the world championship and played with Kramnik. Enjoy the video of his games vs Carlsen and Kramnik with commentaries

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22.03.2016 14:41

An video-interview with chess legend Alexander Beliavsky, participant of the Univé Chess tournament. Beliavsky speaks about winning the Soviet Championship four times and interview with chess legend Oleg Romanishin. Romanishin tells about his contributions to opening theory and his second place at the 1975 Soviet Championship.

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grandmasters as kids : New images
23.02.2016 01:49
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Here you can find cross results of GMs and IMs tournaments of the "XII Vasylyshyn Memorial - 2015". In this tournament will participate players from Poland, Russia, India, Turkey, Ukraine. Results + games (9 rounds)

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The World Junior Champion Nataliya Buksa answered Vladimir Barsky's questions. "It was a very tense tournament for me; I think hardly anyone could predict before the start that I would even make it to the top ten. After winning this championship, I can say that it's not any specific preparation for a game that decides in sports, but your work as a whole and your attitude to the game. A strong will is important, and the desire to win. In every game!"

Natalia Buksa: Hope Khanty-Mansiysk Becomes a Springboard for Me
The World Junior Champion answered Vladimir Barsky's questioHope Khanty-Mansiysk Becomes a Springboard for The World Junior Champion Natalia Buksa answered Vladimir Barsky's questions.
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Nataliya Buksa : Gallery : Chess Princess : New images
04.11.2015 19:09
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GM Jan Gustafsson takes us through some amazing chess played between Yuri Vovk (2617) and Wei Yi (2734) in the FIDE World Cup 2015.

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Andrei Vovk : Gallery : Chess travel : New images
26.09.2015 18:23
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Grandmaster Jan Gustafsson takes a look at the most spectacular Round 1 game of the FIDE Chess World Cup, played between the US-American prodigy Ray Robson and GM Yuriy Vovk from Ukraine.  

"The game of the day was, in my opinion, Vovk's excellent victory over Robson" GM Alejandro Ramirez.

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Every month FIDE Trainers Comission publishes on its web page 2 articles written by leading coaches. These materials may be found here. I suggest to your attention my article which hopefully will be interesting for trainers who work with young players

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Four-time USSR Champion Alexander Beliavsky is still an active chess player at the age of 61, and in a recent interview he talked about the challenge Vassily Ivanchuk and Viswanathan Anand face playing elite chess in their mid-40s. As a coach for Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, though, he’s also very much in tune with the new generation, and explains what sets Magnus Carlsen and Anatoly Karpov apart from other chess players.

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The article dedicated to 80-year anniversary of the honoured trainer of Ukraine, international master Viktor Zheliandinov. With best wishes from his students and colleagues chessplayers!

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Here you can find cross results of GMs and IMs tournaments of the Vasylyshyn Memorial - 2014. In this tournament will participate players from Germany, Poland, Russia, India, Turkey, Ukraine.

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Lviv chess history : Gallery : Kart - 85 : New images
21.06.2014 04:55
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Vovk Yuri said: "Why I really love this game it's a nice educative example how even a low number of well-coordinated pieces can launch a powerful attack on opponent's king". This game confirms Yuri Vovk to be a strong attacking player.

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I want to share with you my last game from Czech Open 2013 against Viktor Laznicka. Before the last round we were in totally different psychological states. I had 6.5 out of 8 winning 5 last games in a row and my opponent won his first 4 games and then played all the draws. So I was more than sure that he would play for a win, because 6.5 points do not promise much in this huge open. On the other hand I wouldn't mind against a draw though to be honest I wanted to take revenge for my loss against Viktor in European Championship, where he had beaten me quite badly with black.

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Chess is considered to be not suitable for TV format. Ivanchuk refutes this postulate. His true love for chess is touching audience, his emotions are inimitable, and beauty of his games is incredible. Vasilly Ivanchuk presents lecture in English, besides he knows Spanish, German, Polish, Turkish, he also started to learn Portuguese. Ivanchuk still has youth desire to learn everything around and seek answers for most challenging question. Perhaps, that is the main lesson we can take from him!

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